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An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

30 Jan

This week marked the third week Lauren has been with us and contained a number of important events in Lauren’s early life.

On Tuesday we took Lauren for her 2-week check up at her new pediatrician. We were fortunate to find a great doctor at a nearby clinic accepting patients. She is growing fast and above her birthweight – she weighed in at 8lbs 7oz as of 5 days ago.

Later in the week we figured out how to use the stroller and ventured to the mall. I am happy to report Lauren’s first retail experience was a good one. Since birth she has wanted to check out the macbook pro’s.

Shortly after the mall we checked out a couple possible houses in our ongoing search for Lauren’s next home. Finally we found a great home on quiet circle in Beaconsfield that is perfect for a growing family! We acted fast and had our offer accepted over the weekend. This week we will be finalizing the deal. Wish us luck!

Here is the view from the house onto the circle…

The little trickster!

22 Jan

Two weeks ago at this exact time 6:35am Steve and I were preparing to greet Lauren outside of the womb. Right about now I would be having regular contractions and begging the nurse for an epidural (OUCH!).

Flash forward to today and I’m watching our little princess pretending to sleep in her swing. Yep I said pretending. It’s a new skill that Lauren seems to have acquired over the last two days. One moment she is a serene angel, sleepy and ready to nap on Mommy or Daddy’s chest – oh how easy that sounds! Within moments her eyes are wide open and she is studying us with the sternest of looks, looks that soon escalates into a full-out growl of screams. Tonight was her most fussy night yet – Fingers crossed that the past two days have not been the start of the C word making its arrival, someone told me that it usually shows up around now!

She now lies in my arms as I type this, funny how having a baby makes you an expert contortionist with the ability to juggle multiple objects and baby with grace. (well with grace 20% of the time!)

Besides our little one being an award-winning actress when it comes to sleeping, I can honestly say that the past two weeks have been the most overwhelming and best weeks of my entire life. The love I have for our new daughter is immense and watching Steve hold her and look at her so lovingly melts my heart every time.

She truly is a gift from heaven. One that doesn’t come with instructions or a user guide!

Lauren was a happy camper mere seconds before this picture!


One Week Old

16 Jan

Yesterday Lauren completed her first week of life “on the outside”. It was a jam-packed week of meeting new people, shopping for houses, catching up on Sons of Anarchy, and chilling in her swing.

Here she is clocking in at 127mph.

At the beginning she just slept and ate, the moments awake were spent crying to try to give us an indication if she was hungry or needed a new diaper – pretty standard new born behaviour. In he last few days her time awake has been more geared towards taking in her surroundings.

Here she is after watching an episode of SofA trying to help Daddy decide which motorbike to buy before Mommy wakes up from her nap…

…she likes the Dyna Super Glide. Sorry Mommy it looks like its 2-1 in favour of buying a Harley.

Week One finished with an introduction to the notorious Oscar. Possibly part wolf and part billy goat we didn’t know how our creature would react to Lauren. We’re happy to report he greeted her with a wagging tail and gentle sniffs.

Next action is to saddle him up to provide a means of transportation between now and the time Lauren can walk.

So long for now!


Lauren – The First Days

12 Jan

On Monday afternoon we returned home from the hospital and have been getting accustomed to the new-born routine – sleep in the day, up at night. A big shout-out to all the nurses and doctors at Lakeshore Hospital. They were amazing and got us off to a great start.

Since being home Lauren has been the sweetest baby girl anyone could ask for; she’s calm, sleeps most of the time, and shows respect to her parental figures! Once I teach her how to do laundry and change her own diapers we’ll be all set.

Today I compiled pics from a bunch of different cameras and updated the flickr feed. You can see updates at:

Check back for more updates…

Lauren Olivia Loughheed- Right On Schedule

9 Jan

Lauren Olivia Loughheed joined us this morning at 11:45am EST. She weighed 8 lbs 1 oz.

Mommy and Lauren are doing well, currently catching up on some well-deserved rest!

So far her hobbies include listening to white noise and relaxing in her Mommy and Daddy’s arms.

Is Tonight the Night?

8 Jan

As I arrived home from work today Amanda was in the midst
of recording a contraction on her Labour Mate iPhone contraction
timer. To my surprise she had been logging contractions since
mid-afternoon! Maybe tonight will be the night we meet Lauren…

Our bags are packed and we’re ready to go when the app
tells us it’s time to head to the hospital. Check back for updates.

8:35 pm: I’m now scouring the Internet to interpret the
trends of the contractions, here’s the latest data:

2011-01-07 8:13 PM Duration: 00:56 Frequency: 05:39
2011-01-07 8:18 PM Duration: 00:49 Frequency: 05:34 2011-01-07 8:24
PM Duration: 00:52 Frequency: 06:14 2011-01-07 8:28 PM Duration:
00:46 Frequency: 03:26 2011-01-07 8:32 PM Duration: 00:46
Frequency: 03:52 2011-01-07 8:35 PM Duration: 00:43 Frequency:

2am update: tonight is likely the

7am: no
baby yet! Still waiting…

8:30am: we’re in the final
stretch! The drugs have been administered and mommy is in better spirits.

Hanging out and waiting for baby

6 Jan

With only two days left until the official Saturday due date Stephen and I have been really busy. All of our daughter’s new furniture has been put together, Swings and small toys have been assembled, and the hospital bag has been packed! So now all that we have left to do is wait, which for me involves lots of sleeping, reading, watching TV and telling our dog not to lick his paws (a habit which has become his way of coping until the baby is born)

Luckily, I haven’t had to spend the whole time alone while Stephen has been working . I have Oscar of course, but even more, my parents have stopped by twice this week to help out wherever needed and more importantly keep me from boredom while I anxiously wait for Lauren’s arrival.

The support that Steve and I have received from his mom and Sister and my parents has been phenomenal. Lauren is going to be such a lucky baby to have such a wonderful family to welcome her into the world. Also, I can’t forget to mention how excited my Sister and Brother are about the new baby and how thrilled Julia and James are about their new cousin! James is the cutest, he keeps asking me when “He” will be coming out (aka his new cousin) no matter how many times I tell him its a going to be a girl! If he’s right then our future son will own a lot of pink!

Tomorrow night my mom and dad will be back here again for dinner. I’m really looking forward to it and Oscar will be on cloud nine! (My parents are his most favorite people in the world – including Steve and I!)

Oscar and Grandpa

Oscar in socks - a method I've had to adopt to prevent him from paw licking

Currently Reading: The Happiest Baby on the Block – By: Harvey Karp M.D.
Only 217 pages left to go (yikes) – I’ve managed to get a little further into my book, although I’m a little worried that I’m not going through it fast enough. I’ve started feeling some (probably false) light labor pain today. So I will be reading as much of the book as I can tonight. I’ll let you know my first impressions of it tomorrow (Unless I’m busy having baby!

The Bily Barcelona Flat Top Dresser

3 Jan

Today was a very exciting day for Oscar and I, my husband Stephen was home from work which meant fun things in store for the both of us. Oscar got to go to his favorite place in the whole world – Angel Woods, and I got to watch Steve assemble our daughters new dresser – The Bily Barcelona Flat Top Dresser. A dresser that we got a great deal on!

3:00pm – Stephen began unpacking all of the pieces to our new and beautiful dresser,

Stephen with our unassembled dresser

both of us gasping at the large pile of small wood pieces that emerged from the box. For a minute I thought to myself, Uh Oh! Where’s Marlena?! Marlena and Stephen had assembled a change table last week that practically required a degree in furniture assembly to understand. In the end though they pulled it off with flying colours! Unfortunately for Stephen I’m not as handy in assembly as his sister, so my role today was to watch and document his progress – a role that I assigned myself 🙂

3:30 – Two large and two small drawers already assembled, Stephen still looking as cool as a cucumber.

3:34 – May have spoken too soon, we can’t find the back of one of the little drawers! I’m

Look at all those pieces!

hoping that it’s hidden behind another group of parts waiting to be assembled.

3:45 – hmmm another piece seems mis-sized for the dresser… Problem solved 3 minutes later. Stephen looking much happier!

4:23 – Almost together now! Although we still haven’t found the back of a small drawer and the bottom of the cupboard section, then the front got a little banged up. Were now hoping that we can order extra pieces from the company directly.

4:48 – Still going strong, Steve starting to get frustrated because the back must be screwed on, rather than nailed on like most assemble it yourself furniture. Also the drawers don’t seem to fit flush to the unit.

Working hard!

Our final review: (2 stars on 5) Assembly wasn’t terrible, the paint is horrible, chips and shows black underneath anywhere you are screwing pieces in. Not a big deal on the darker “Chocolate” version, but really annoying on the “Cotton White’ version that we purchased. All the drawers have an awkward fit, and either don’t roll smoothly or show gaps where they should be flush. If given a second chance we would pass on this unit and buy something more expensive and of higher quality. If you do end up buying a similar unit, don’t forget to buy touch up paint!

Final Product








Currently Reading: The Happiest Baby on the Block – By: Harvey Karp M.D.
Only 280 pages left to go – got to get going on it, no chance of finishing it in time for it to be useful after the baby is born. The book focuses “on ways to calm crying and help your newborn baby sleep longer”.

T-6 Days and Counting until parenthood!

3 Jan
39 Weeks Pregnant

New Years Eve 2011 - 39 weeks pregnant

Happy 2011 – This year is going to be a big one!

As 2011 begins Stephen and I have many wonderful events to look forward too.

We have sold our home and will be looking for a new place to house our growing family.

Even more exciting, we are only days away from the arrival of our new baby girl and we can’t wait! The past few weeks have been very busy with our days consumed with baby preparations – Putting furniture together, setting up toys, prepping cloth diapers (yes I said Cloth diapers!), doing baby laundry and most of all enjoying it all with our family.

In the past we have always spent Christmas Eve with my family in Montreal and then take off for our Eastern Ontario tour, with Stops in Belleville, Brampton, Kingston and Cornwall.  This year though we were fortunate enough to have Belleville come to us. Stephen’s sister and mom came to Montreal to spend Christmas with us and we had a blast! Could it be a new tradition? We will have to see 🙂

Nonna Silvana with Lauren's laundry

39 weeks pregnant and a little bit, only 6 days left!