T-6 Days and Counting until parenthood!

3 Jan
39 Weeks Pregnant

New Years Eve 2011 - 39 weeks pregnant

Happy 2011 – This year is going to be a big one!

As 2011 begins Stephen and I have many wonderful events to look forward too.

We have sold our home and will be looking for a new place to house our growing family.

Even more exciting, we are only days away from the arrival of our new baby girl and we can’t wait! The past few weeks have been very busy with our days consumed with baby preparations – Putting furniture together, setting up toys, prepping cloth diapers (yes I said Cloth diapers!), doing baby laundry and most of all enjoying it all with our family.

In the past we have always spent Christmas Eve with my family in Montreal and then take off for our Eastern Ontario tour, with Stops in Belleville, Brampton, Kingston and Cornwall.  This year though we were fortunate enough to have Belleville come to us. Stephen’s sister and mom came to Montreal to spend Christmas with us and we had a blast! Could it be a new tradition? We will have to see 🙂

Nonna Silvana with Lauren's laundry

39 weeks pregnant and a little bit, only 6 days left!


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