Is Tonight the Night?

8 Jan

As I arrived home from work today Amanda was in the midst
of recording a contraction on her Labour Mate iPhone contraction
timer. To my surprise she had been logging contractions since
mid-afternoon! Maybe tonight will be the night we meet Lauren…

Our bags are packed and we’re ready to go when the app
tells us it’s time to head to the hospital. Check back for updates.

8:35 pm: I’m now scouring the Internet to interpret the
trends of the contractions, here’s the latest data:

2011-01-07 8:13 PM Duration: 00:56 Frequency: 05:39
2011-01-07 8:18 PM Duration: 00:49 Frequency: 05:34 2011-01-07 8:24
PM Duration: 00:52 Frequency: 06:14 2011-01-07 8:28 PM Duration:
00:46 Frequency: 03:26 2011-01-07 8:32 PM Duration: 00:46
Frequency: 03:52 2011-01-07 8:35 PM Duration: 00:43 Frequency:

2am update: tonight is likely the

7am: no
baby yet! Still waiting…

8:30am: we’re in the final
stretch! The drugs have been administered and mommy is in better spirits.


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