One Week Old

16 Jan

Yesterday Lauren completed her first week of life “on the outside”. It was a jam-packed week of meeting new people, shopping for houses, catching up on Sons of Anarchy, and chilling in her swing.

Here she is clocking in at 127mph.

At the beginning she just slept and ate, the moments awake were spent crying to try to give us an indication if she was hungry or needed a new diaper – pretty standard new born behaviour. In he last few days her time awake has been more geared towards taking in her surroundings.

Here she is after watching an episode of SofA trying to help Daddy decide which motorbike to buy before Mommy wakes up from her nap…

…she likes the Dyna Super Glide. Sorry Mommy it looks like its 2-1 in favour of buying a Harley.

Week One finished with an introduction to the notorious Oscar. Possibly part wolf and part billy goat we didn’t know how our creature would react to Lauren. We’re happy to report he greeted her with a wagging tail and gentle sniffs.

Next action is to saddle him up to provide a means of transportation between now and the time Lauren can walk.

So long for now!



One Response to “One Week Old”

  1. marlenal January 16, 2011 at 9:26 PM #

    Saddling up Oscar to transport Lauren is a great idea. But it would be nice if eventually he could learn to take Amanda to the corner store, carry large jugs of water etc. I think he has more horsepower than your scooter.

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