The little trickster!

22 Jan

Two weeks ago at this exact time 6:35am Steve and I were preparing to greet Lauren outside of the womb. Right about now I would be having regular contractions and begging the nurse for an epidural (OUCH!).

Flash forward to today and I’m watching our little princess pretending to sleep in her swing. Yep I said pretending. It’s a new skill that Lauren seems to have acquired over the last two days. One moment she is a serene angel, sleepy and ready to nap on Mommy or Daddy’s chest – oh how easy that sounds! Within moments her eyes are wide open and she is studying us with the sternest of looks, looks that soon escalates into a full-out growl of screams. Tonight was her most fussy night yet – Fingers crossed that the past two days have not been the start of the C word making its arrival, someone told me that it usually shows up around now!

She now lies in my arms as I type this, funny how having a baby makes you an expert contortionist with the ability to juggle multiple objects and baby with grace. (well with grace 20% of the time!)

Besides our little one being an award-winning actress when it comes to sleeping, I can honestly say that the past two weeks have been the most overwhelming and best weeks of my entire life. The love I have for our new daughter is immense and watching Steve hold her and look at her so lovingly melts my heart every time.

She truly is a gift from heaven. One that doesn’t come with instructions or a user guide!

Lauren was a happy camper mere seconds before this picture!



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