An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

30 Jan

This week marked the third week Lauren has been with us and contained a number of important events in Lauren’s early life.

On Tuesday we took Lauren for her 2-week check up at her new pediatrician. We were fortunate to find a great doctor at a nearby clinic accepting patients. She is growing fast and above her birthweight – she weighed in at 8lbs 7oz as of 5 days ago.

Later in the week we figured out how to use the stroller and ventured to the mall. I am happy to report Lauren’s first retail experience was a good one. Since birth she has wanted to check out the macbook pro’s.

Shortly after the mall we checked out a couple possible houses in our ongoing search for Lauren’s next home. Finally we found a great home on quiet circle in Beaconsfield that is perfect for a growing family! We acted fast and had our offer accepted over the weekend. This week we will be finalizing the deal. Wish us luck!

Here is the view from the house onto the circle…


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