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Like a New Years Resolution

3 Mar

Well its now been about a month since we last posted on this blog and I can honestly say that the thought of posting a new update has been on my mind for weeks now. Every time I thought about it though I could feel the action of doing so actually slipping away.

Just like that year that you got a Gym membership and pledged that you would go at least 3 times a week, only to find out later that you shelled out $400 to go to the gym four times in January (That was a great first week!).

Not this time! So here I am writing the latest update and while so much has happened it’s hard to find the words to sum up the last month. That being said, I think that I will focus on the later half on February when Stephen was away.

Marlena the Super Aunt with Lauren

Mid February (on Valentines day!) Stephen went to Singapore for two weeks on business. Then, my parents went to Mexico during the same time on vacation. At this time Lauren was only five weeks old, and I was still adjusting to being alone with her during the day. Now I was going to be on my own for 24 hours AND Oscar (who had been temporarily living with my parents) was going to move back in! It was a stressful day when the weight of what was about to happen hit and just when I was about to panic my wonderful, beautiful, amazing oh I can go on… sister in law came to visit and help out with Lauren for the first ten days that Stephen was away and what a help she was!

Marlena jumped right into the thick of it all – rocking the baby to the Galaxy hit list, setting her up in her swing, and changing diapers galore!

It is also important to note that Lauren wears cloth diapers 80% of the time, something that could be intimidating for anyone to take on – but Marlena excelled at the cloth diapering, and never shied away.

Lauren sporting one her TotsBots pocket diapers

There were some rookie mistakes made with the diapers that would have turned off most moms but not my sister in law! You see we use two systems at home, a Softbums 2 in one diaper where you unsnap the absorbent liner (the soiled one goes in the wash) and a new one is then laid on top, The second is a pocket diaper system where an insert goes into the diaper and then you toss both pieces in the laundry. Well Marlena being helpful and confident jumped right into the diapering without a crash course. Not knowing the basics of the systems, she had actually ventured her hand into one of the pocket diapers to retrieve the insert, tossed that into the wash (eww right?) and then replaced it with a new insert (Putting her hand into the pee covered pocket again!). I don’t know many people who would have been willing to do anything like that to help out with their niece or nephew – we are so lucky to have her!

After Marlena left I moved into my parents house so that Oscar could have a fenced yard

Daddy and Baby reunited!

to play in and I could rest easy that he wouldn’t run away. I had four days left to spend alone and really get thrown into single parenting. I’m not going to lie, it was tough and a little scary but I survived it and feel like I’m getting better at the whole parenting thing. I have to say I really, really admire any woman who can do this job alone. I was terrified at times but had the relief of knowing that Stephen and my parents would be back really soon. No one can really understand what a tough job this is until faced with it, I don’t even think I really know it yet!