The year of New!

4 Aug

When I was preparing to have a baby I decided that starting a blog would be a great way to express my feelings about being a new mom. Little did I know at the time how time consuming motherhood really is and how little time I seemed to find to complete entries in this blog. Since my last posting in March I have started about 5 incomplete postings that have not made it to the site and now seem irrelevant. So if you are reading this I have finally succeeded in an update! Go me!

So first a quick update about Lauren and then some info about us in general.

Lauren will be 7 Months old on August 8th, and let me say she is cuter than ever. I’m never short but amazed at how much cuter she seems every morning when I wake up and look at her. She is amazing, she can sit up on her own now, smiles all the time and has started laughing at Mommy’s jokes. Nothing seems quite as amazing for your self esteem as having an amazing little girl who just thinks that you are the funniest and most soothing person in the whole wide world. Lauren is also a great baby, she loves people and is generally in a good mood. We go shopping together and she barely ever fusses (even when we go on a 4 hour tour of Ikea!)

And now a quick update about us! As the title of the post states – This is the year of new for us. Since January we have had a New Baby, New House, New Car and now Stephen is about to embark on a New career. I’m trying to figure what next? New Husband perhaps (just kidding Steve!) Seriously though, we have been very fortunate and are very thankful for all the wonderful things that are happening in our lives.

A picture is worth a thousand words, so I will leave you with some updated photos and the promise to post again before December (that should be as easy goal to achieve!)

Lauren has Mommy's Pointy elbows!

Lauren with Grandpa


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