Appreciating Mom

8 Aug

When I was eighteen years old I went on my first vacation away from home without my mom and dad, they were hesitant at first to let me go, but after much work (and drama) I was able to convince them. Soon after I cashed out my savings bonds and was ready to take off for Venezuela. It was a two week trip planned by my Cegep to be spent at an all-inclusive resort, can you say AMAZING! I had a wonderful time and made some great new friends while acquiring a bunch of new freckles.

When I arrived home my mom and dad were anxiously waiting for me at the airport and I was so happy to see them. It had been a great two weeks on my own with friends but I was ready for some family time. I missed everyone and wanted to see my dog (who turned out to be terrified of my braided hair – he wouldn’t come near me until I took the braids out!)

On the way home from the airport my mom hopped into the backseat of our car so that we could catch up right away, and we didn’t waste any time before going over all the fun details of my trip. What I didn’t realize at the time was how much that meant to me, how excited she had been. Today it really hit me while sitting here next to my daughter in the back of our Ontario bound SUV.

Lauren and I - On the Road!

We just got through a rough patch of traffic that caused us to lose over an hour to cover something like 5 km. While waiting to, I was sitting in the backseat entertaining Lauren and getting her to smile and laugh at me. I swear I can look at her cute blue eyes and toothless smile all day and forever.

All this got me thinking about my mom, and wondering if she still see me the same way that I look at Lauren. When I arrived home from my trip those years back, was she full of wonder while I told her all about my first time swimming in the ocean, and learning how to dance the salsa.

Growing up I was very close to my mom even though we had our differences from time to time – Of course we are still close today, but now I feel that things have evolved. I can honestly say that Motherhood has brought on a new appreciation and understanding of just how much love there is in our family. Something that I could not really get until Lauren came into my life. So today I dedicate this post to my mom and assure her that I will always be her little girl (even when I play that I’m all grown up!)

Thanks Mom (and thanks Dad!) you were my world and now I am getting ready for the challenge of being Lauren’s.

Venezuela Jeep Tour! As you can see I was having an amazing hair day!

My Braided hair that terrified my dog Rocky

Mom and I with Baby Lauren


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