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Pictures from the Finish Line!

30 Sep

As promised (although a little late) here are some pictures from the Montreal Half Marathon that Dulce, Dustin and Stephen ran last Sunday. It turned out to be a beautiful day for a run, the rain held off and it was sunny and cool.

Lauren’s Metro/subway trip went very well, I held and walked her down the stairs while Auntie Marlena and Grandma carried her stroller down the escalator. Lauren Loved riding the metro around, the warm air and vibration sent her into a peaceful naps 🙂

Although they didn’t finish in first place (or even 1ooth :)) they were proud to show off their shirts to all the passerby’s spreading awareness about Lauren and her friends journeys with Krabbe disease. Way to go guys, you did awesome!

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Ready, Set, Go!

And while they were running, we were navigating the metro…


Lauren has her ticket and can’t wait to meet everyone at the finish line!

Lauren patiently waiting for the metro on the platform


Check out that Metro map! Auntie Marlena is standing guard over Lauren

Mommy and Baby – Very excited about the day ahead

Yay we made it and Daddy is first to meet us, finishing under 2 hours!

Grandma is here too!

Dustin and Stephen with Baby Lauren!


Stephen, Dulce and Dustin show off their medals

Showing off the shirts and medals, way to go guys!

What a good looking couple! Dulce and her husband Alberto grab a picture with Lauren

Great Friends! Dulce and my mom Phyllis

Awww Marlena is one proud sister!













Day at the Dog Park

25 Sep

Auntie Marlena here! Lauren is hanging out at the dog park with her favourite puppy, Buddy. Here’s some photos!





Meet you at the finish line!

23 Sep


This morning our friends Dulce, Dustin and Lauren’s daddy Stephen will all be running the Montreal half Marathon in hopes to raise awareness about Lauren and Krabbe disease. Each of them is wearing a shirt with Lauren’s picture, our website name and more importantly the name of each child that appears on the Hunters Hope Wall of fame.

Lauren, auntie Marlena, Grandma and I will be waiting for them at the finish line!

As a side note – Getting there will entail navigating Lauren through our Montreal Metro (Subway) system – a trip requiring us to maneuver her adaptive stroller around without the aid of elevators!

Please join me in wishing our runners the best of luck, we love them and can’t wait to meet back up with them. Good luck guys – we love you!

And please say a few quick prayers that we get Lauren down there safely as well!

Stay tuned for pictures of our adventure and from the finish line to come this afternoon/tonight 😉