Lauren is back to business

25 Sep

So if you followed my last post you know that Lauren had some temperature regulation issues the other night (if issues is the right term for hypothermia) – I’m happy to report that the next day, she was doing much better, her temperature and spirits were both up and we’ve been enjoying some fun moments since.

I’d like to take a moment to get back to the day before Lauren’s cold spell, it was pretty eventful. Lauren started back to her Hydrotherapy group at the Mackay centre. She was so happy to be back in the warm pool and even got to meet one new friend and swim with another from her previous “class”.

Our pool sessions are always fun and interactive – Lauren had water poured on her hands and toes from a small yellow watering can, played with a yellow duck puppet and felt all sorts of fun textured toys under the water. She also took part in some games where I would slowly move her side to side in the water to “swim like a fish” or turn her in a circle to “move like a crab”. These sessions are awesome because Lauren is more than a child with a disability she is a CHILD, enjoying and playing in the pool.

Later that night Lauren, Stephen and I headed to our first ever municipal council meeting. Stephen and I had noticed that the playgrounds in Beaconsfield aren’t equipped with any adaptive play equipment. We know that Lauren and other children in our neighbourhood  could definitely benefit from the experience of “playing” with other children. It nice to have some equipment in our home, but Lauren would love to get to go out to the park!

After a few e-mail exchanges with one of the Beaconsfield councillors Rhonda Massed, we were encouraged to present our proposal to the council. That is just what we did!

We were a little nervous to go up, but Rhonda had been so encouraging. So as the meeting began Lauren and I sat hand in hand in a very crowded meeting room (yay to Beaconsfield for having such involved citizens) while Stephen presented our ideas to the council. He did a great job and we’re really hoping that it’s a project that the city is willing to take on. I would LOVE to see Lauren enjoying our parks next spring.

Many citizens and councillors came up to us afterward to offer encouraging words and feedback about our ideas! Imagine if Lauren could make an impact for other children who want to enjoy our parks but are currently unable to!

Yesterday Lauren’s temperature returned to normal, we enjoyed a walk with Grandma and Buddy outside and then took some nice pictures. I’m so happy to be blessed with these small but amazing moments!

Thank you to everyone for all of your warm and positive messages and prayers over the last couple of days and throughout the past few years. Lauren is so loved, and we are so touched.

Just a quick note before I finish this post! We are a little over the halfway point to our CLSC Lac St Louis fundraiser Goal, we could really use your encouragement as we train for our Half-Marathon on October 6th. Please consider donating, Canadian tax receipts are available and the funds go help our family as well as others going through similar situations in our neighbourhood.  Please check out this Link for more info!

Here are some pictures from the past week

Lauren is ready for the pool!

Lauren is ready for the pool!

Post pool and so relaxed!

Post pool and so relaxed!

A picture of Lauren with Rhonda Massad

A picture of Lauren with Rhonda Massad after the council meeting

Grandma and Buddy Loving on Lauren

Grandma and Buddy Loving on Lauren

My living angel

My living angel

Another plug for our fundraiser 🙂 click the picture below for more info!

a "Post Run" pic from an earlier run this summer

a “Post Run” pic from an earlier run this summer


4 Responses to “Lauren is back to business”

  1. gabriella September 25, 2013 at 3:35 PM #

    the two of you are amazing parents she is the luckiest little girl I know …I wish I was a faction of you both …you are a inspiration to us all !!! So glad I meet you all in Cuba love you and I’m honor to call you my friends ❤ 😀 Hugs and kisses to Lauren from all of us . great pictures and I'm so happy to her she's feeling better enjoy !!! xoxo

  2. Pilar Colilla September 26, 2013 at 2:58 PM #

    I’m so happy to know Lauren is better!!
    Congratulations, Stephen, Amanda and Lauren for your great job at the municipal council meeting. I’m sure that Lauren and you both are making a great impact in many other people… Your life with Lots of Love, generosity, strength is such an important message!
    Lots of Love.

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