Lauren’s Eulogy


January 8th 2011 – April 13 2015

When Lauren passed in April, I couldn’t bring myself to update the blog with anything beyond her funeral details.

So many followed and supported our journey and we were so thankful for that.

I wanted to share the Eulogy that Stephen and I read at her funeral.

Our dear sweet Lauren,

We have struggled over and over in finding the words to say that properly express how amazing you are. How can we express in words the joy and love that you brought into our lives and the heart wrenching loneliness we have felt in missing you.

From the day you were born your beauty stole our hearts and we fell so in love with you.

As new parents you taught us what is was to really be a night owl. Staying up for hours and only falling asleep to the TV or while listening to Jay-Z,(I swear we tried classical music and lullabies) you always loved a good base!

As you grew more you gifted us with the most beautiful smiles and laughs. You were the happiest baby, and your joy was contagious. Everyone who met you fell in love instantly with your smile and piercing blue eyes (you can thank your daddy for those)

You loved music, the Backyardigans and being outside so much. In your first nine months you learned so much and mommy and daddy always beamed with pride. You played with toys, smiled and laughed and sat up on your own like a champion.

When you were nine months though you slowed down and mommy and daddy took you to the hospital. That’s when we received the worst news that we had ever heard, you were sick and mommy and daddy couldn’t do anything to help. Our hearts broke, how could someone so perfect be so sick. It didn’t make sense.

A new life for us began on the day that you were diagnosed. But your gifts continued – your smile and joy still shown through, and you had new lessons to teach us. You taught us about patience and tenacity, your drive and love for life was obvious to anyone who spent time with you.

No matter what the diagnosis you held on, and we honoured you by making sure that your life was full of as much joy and adventure as we could provide.

At home you loved to spend time relaxing with family and friends and of course your best friend Buddy. He loved you so much and was usually found close by your side.

Our schedules were full with appointments for massage, music, and swimming. As time went on and our courage grew, travelling became a big part of our lives. We were determined to show you as much of the world as we could.

You loved to swim and relax by the ocean and the Las Vegas lights made your eyes sparkle. Taking you to the Grand Canyon and Disney was amazing.  You loved to spend time your family and the friends that we travelled to see and always seemed at your best when exploring the world.

You were a fighter and taught us so much about patience and love. You taught us the importance of living in the moment and how beautiful the world around us really is. Because of you we learned to squeeze every moment out of everyday.

Though our arms are empty and our hearts feel broken we know that you will live on forever.

Your kisses will be felt in the warm summer breeze against our skin, your eyes will sparkle as the sun against the lakes and oceans and we will hear you in the laughter of all the children around.

We love and miss you so much Lauren.


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