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Turning four!

3 Feb


So this past January 8th 2015 Lauren hit a milestone that I couldn’t have imagined when we began this journey a little over 3 years ago…she turned four!

It has been another amazing year, a gift of experiences and memories that I am so thankful for. This year we took Lauren to Disneyland in California, to see the Las Vegas lights and to witness the amazement that the Grand Canyon in Arizona has to offer.

At each stop we visited with friends who have walked similar paths, having a terminally ill child. Each of these parents are incredible, warm and loving people.

I promise to post some great pictures and updates of all the fun that we had in 2014 soon. We’ve just been so busy with life lately that finding time to post has really been a problem.

Along with the good, there was some bad – this past year Lauren’s biggest struggle with her health has been a line up of UTI’s with one following the next. Her muscle tone has weakened and with it her bladder does not empty as often as it should. This week we started Lauren on another round of antibiotics for a new infection, this is our 4th round in less than 6 months. The good news is that I’ve become much better at spotting the warning signs and caught this one early.

We are currently in Party Planning mode in our house as we are preparing for Lauren’s 4th Birthday Party, a carnival themed fundraiser benefiting our family and Lauren’s rehab centre’s foundation, The MAB Mackay foundation.

Rouge Event Design has done a wonderful job in helping us to plan another wonderful event this year. Last year’s event was amazing and we’re hoping for an even better one this year!

If you would like to attend the event, it is happening this Sunday, February 8th from 11-4 at the Dollard-des-Ormeax Banquet Hall, 12001 De Sallaberry. The event costs $5 for adult entry and includes a raffle ticket, kids entry is $10 and includes a loot bag (first 100 kids), and 4 tickets that can be used on activities at the event.

Event Banner 2015

This year we have even more amazing sponsors and fun things to do, we will have a bouncy castle, face painting, carnival games, arts and crafts, a magician, balloon animals, clowns, and more!

You can check out of Facebook event page for more information by clicking here.

We also have some of the most amazing raffle prizes, including hockey tickets, event tickets, photography certificates and a bunch more!

This list is just a sample of what we have to raffle off.


small paper size flyer


If you can’t attend the event but would still like to buy some raffle tickets you can do so by clicking here, and entering the appropriate dollar amount for the number of tickets that you would like. The only catch is that you are responsible for shipping if you are not located in or near Montreal, Qc. Unfortunatly unless you can attend, if you are pulled for an event prize (hockey tickets, concerts, etc) we will have to re-draw a new winner.

Don’t want raffle tickets but would still like to support the event? You can chose to donate any amount by clicking here instead.

Here are some picture from last years event!

If you are on Facebook, I encourage you to like our page, we’re a little bit better on posting updates there.



Happy Valentine’s Day!

14 Feb



Happy Valentine’s Day! xoxo




Today has been a pretty fun day at our house – Mommy and Lauren woke up early and got dressed up for Valentines day. Once Lauren was ready to have her picture taken, mommy set up a mock photo area right on our bed so that Lauren would be extra cozy.

The rest of the day has been pretty calm, we have been listening to music and reading some stories together. It’s really snowy outside so we are going to stay in today and snuggle.

Tonight Stephen and I will go out to enjoy some time together while probably talking all about our love Lauren ….and Buddy 😉

Wishing you and your families a wonderful day!

A Very Special Bear – UC Baby

23 Jan

When I was pregnant with Lauren I went to UC Baby in Pointe-Claire Montreal to have a 3D ultrasound done. It was a really really cool experience for us. At the time we had bought a package for two separate appointments, one at 27 weeks and another at 32 weeks. In our case the earlier appointment was a little more fun because Lauren was being shy on the second round and spent a good portion of the appointment itching her nose and covering her face. Funny enough she carried on this habit well after she was born!

The ultrasound appointment was done in comfortable and darkened room with classical music in the background.  There was a flat screen TV in front of us where we could watch everything and even more special our appointment was broadcast streaming over the internet so that our family could also get an early glimpse of Lauren.

For the first few moments I couldn’t see Lauren clearly, I felt a little let down…But then the technician was able to capture so many beautiful and clear shots of Lauren. Her hands were so clear, I watched her itch her nose, I watched her kick, I watched her.

A before and After Reveal. Lauren at 27 weeks of pregnancy and Lauren at about a week old :)

A before and After Reveal. Lauren at 27 weeks of pregnancy and Lauren at about a week old 🙂

At the time I was asked if I wanted to purchase a special bear with Lauren’s heart beat inside. I had passed on it, thinking that I didn’t need the added expense. As time passed, I found myself really wishing that I had taken one of those special bears home with me.

Fast forward to Christmas of this year – I had been preparing for Lauren’s upcoming Birthday fundraiser and looking for raffle prizes when Doreen Haddad (who is amazing by the way!) of UC Baby contacted me to offer us an Ultrasound package including a DVD recording to raffle off. I was really excited because it’s such an amazing prize to any expectant family! In talking with her I asked about the heart beat bear and whether it was still possible to get one. She immediately asked me what colour bear I would like and we planned a time to meet.

What I thought at the time was that she would be able to look in my file or something to get the heart beat (mind you it had been over 3 years since I was last there!), what actually happened was way cooler. When we arrived a very nice Ultrasound technician, actually the same technician I had seen three years earlier handed me a form to fill out and directed us towards to Ultrasound room. I was so confused, and told her that I already had the baby and wasn’t there for an Ultrasound. Then Doreen came by and explained that we were going to take an ultrasound of Lauren’s heart and capture her heart beat that way. WAY COOL!

Lauren is getting ready for her ultrasound!

Lauren is getting ready for her ultrasound!

So we lay Lauren down right where mommy had waited anxiously to see her years ago and took the recording of her heart. Lauren was in a great mood and probably found the experience really fun too!

Somehow Doreen managed to make something special so much more than that. Doreen gifted us an amazing bear and a memory that will always warm my heart.

Lauren snuggling up to Doreen after her appointment

Lauren snuggling up to Doreen after her appointment

Did I mention that the 3D Ultrasound is one of our amazing raffle prizes for Lauren’s event on January 26th (I know I did)! If you can’t make it to the event but are interested in buying a raffle ticket from the Pre-sale, please click here.  (Note that the certificate is only valid at the Montreal location)

You can also check out UC Baby here for more information – www.ucbaby.ca or call 514-694-8085 to book your appointment. If you mention Lauren’s name you can also score a $10 discount off a complete 3D package with a DVD or USB key!

Below are the details for Lauren’s fundraiser happening on January 26th, at the D.D.O. Civic Center Banquet Hall from 11-4pm


Hoping to see you this Sunday at the Carnival!

20 Jan


Hoping that you and your family will be able to join us this Sunday January 26th 2014 for Lauren’s fundraiser! The event will take place from 11:00am-4pm at the Dollard-Des-Ormeaux Civic Centre Banquet Hall. There are a ton of fun raffle prizes up for grabs and really fun activities for the kids to participate in.

We are still looking for sponsors and loot bag donors, if you or someone you know would like to help out please contact our good friend from Rouge Event Design, Rania at Rania@rougeeventdesign.ca

Thank you!

Lauren’s 3rd Birthday Party – Save the date – Sunday Jan 26th!

14 Jan

Dear Friends,

I wanted to invite you to an event that we are having for our daughter’s third birthday! As you already know, our daughter Lauren has a terminal disease known as Krabbe disease. The average age that children who have this disease reach is about 13 months, Lauren is turning 3! To celebrate this amazing milestone there will be a fundraiser/birthday party happening on Sunday January 26th with proceeds going to the MAB Mackay Foundation and our family.

There will be tons of fun family events, bouncy castles, face painting, princess tea party, a reptile show and lots more.

Please consider joining us for this fun event.

At this time we are also seeking event sponsors (details in the photo I posted), raffle prizes and Loot bag item donations. If you or anyone you know may be interested in helping please let me know.

Thank you for your continued support and kind thoughts over the past few years, it means so much to our family.


To be a sponsor or donor please contact – Rania at Rania@rougeeventdesign.ca

Lauren’s website: www.lifewithlol.com
Face book page: https://www.facebook.com/Lifewithlol


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