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Lauren in her summer dress

31 May

This morning Lauren woke up with a fever and lots of drool for the second day in a row. It looks like she’s busy working on some new teeth.

The good news is that she is still in good spirits and is excited about wearing her first summer dress of the season.

Being such a momentous occasion, I thought that I would share some pictures 😉






A belated posting of a touching moment

29 May

I’m always touched by the thoughtfulness of children when it comes to Lauren. I’ve had several stories shared with me from proud parents and friends whose children were moved by Lauren’s story and have taken on roles to help.

It’s even happened more than once where a couple of different friends have told me about some children who had heard about Lauren and were so affected by her story that they started a Lemonade stand to raise money for our little girl.

Another cool story – A girl in Belleville (Steve’s hometown) gave a speech to her class about Lauren’s and her journey with Krabbe disease, and even gave out lifewithlol bracelets at the end to help build awareness.

Others have done artwork dedicated to Lauren.

These stories always bring me such joy.

Back in March Lauren had received a very touching gift that I want to make mention of today. My friend’s daughter Samantha is a Girl Guide and had mentioned Lauren’s story to her group – the 1st Saint Lazare Girl Guides. The girls had been so touched by Lauren that they worked together on a special project for Lauren’s 2nd Birthday.

My friend and I had tried to plan a way for Lauren to meet a few of the girls but between colds and holiday plans it didn’t seem to work out. Finally, after a few months of trying to coordinate a date, Samantha came by to present Lauren with her very special birthday card and beautiful basket full of presents for Lauren.

Sam giving Lauren her birthday basket

Sam giving Lauren her birthday basket

Samantha is a very well spoken and sweet girl, and I’m sure that she is a great representation of the group of girls that she was presenting for. She thoughtfully explained each gift as I opened up the basket to go through it.


Samantha showing off the back of Lauren’s Birthday Card

The first thing that we looked at together was a beautiful card that the girls had crafted for Lauren. It was so perfectly made in Lauren’s favourite colours, composed of beautiful rectangles that each girl had decorated as a unique piece of art. The card was so beautiful and special with it’s quilt like characteristics.

Below is a closer look at the card. (by the way, this card is still proudly displayed in Lauren’s bedroom on a shelf for all visitors to see!)

photo 2

The front of Lauren’s beautiful birthday card

The Back of Lauren's beautiful birthday card.

The Back of Lauren’s beautiful birthday card.

The next thing that we pulled out were these beautiful candy hair clips. These are so cute in person, and they look delicious, Samantha’s mom did ensure me that they were well lacquered so that they would wear well (i.e. don’t eat them :)) . She also had an awesome idea, which was that we could maybe share some of the clips with Lauren’s other friends. So this summer we will be bringing them with us to the Hunters Hope Symposium where Lauren will be spending a few days with her friends.

Beautiful Candy Hair clips

Beautiful Candy Hair clips

A picture of Lauren from this morning (May 29) wearing one of her pretty hair clips

A picture of Lauren from this morning (May 29) wearing one of her pretty hair clips

Samantha explained that some of the girls missed out on making some of the crafts and in place had included some bracelets that the had made for Lauren in place. Lauren is very excited about wearing some of these when the weather warms up and she gets to wear T-shirts again.

Bracelets for Lauren

Bracelets for Lauren

The next thing is VERY cool. The girls made Lauren some Worry Dolls, with a note that reads as follows.

Worry Doll Legend
There is a legend amongst the highland Indian villages of Guatemala: If you have a problem then share it with a worry doll. Before going to bed, tell one worry to each doll, then place it beneath your pillow whilst you sleep, the dolls will take your worries away!

Well as a mommy of a sick child you can imagine how appreciated a worry doll is! This is a gift that I will be sharing with Lauren as we will both sleep with some of the dolls under our pillows!

You can see Lauren is actually wearing a Worry Doll as a ring in the picture below

Lauren wearing one of her worry dolls as a ring :)

Lauren wearing one of her worry dolls as a ring 🙂

And here a picture of all of our worry dolls together, aren’t they so so cute!

A look at all of Lauren's worry dolls

A look at all of Lauren’s worry dolls

This Origami bird was also included in our basket

A special bird

A special bird

We had a wonderful visit and time looking through all of the special gifts that the girls had prepared for Lauren.

So from Lauren, Lauren’s Mommy Amanda, and her Daddy Stephen – Thank you to the 1st Saint Lazare Girl Guides for thinking and caring so much about Lauren that you took the time to make her such beautiful gifts. xoxo

Lauren enjoying her moment with Samantha

Lauren enjoying her moment with Samantha

Happy Mother’s Day!

12 May

Just a quick post to wish all of the wonderful moms in our lives a very Happy Mother’s Day!

I celebrated with my beautiful Lauren. She is the best gift in the whole wide world.

I know that I am overdue for an update and promise one soon. Lauren is doing well for the most part. We still are blessed with occasional smiles and are enjoying the warm start to summer.